December 9, 2019, 0:37

Museum of the Bible quietly replaces questioned artifact

Museum of the Bible quietly replaces questioned artifact

The Museum of the Bible in Washington has quietly replaced an artifact purported to be one of a handful of miniature Bibles that a NASA astronaut carried to the moon in 1971 after an expert questioned its authenticity.

The museum replaced the item with a donated “lunar” Bible. Museum spokeswoman Heather Cirmo says staff could not verify whether the one originally on display had actually traveled into space with an astronaut as billed.

It’s just the latest item purchased by the Green family to come under scrutiny. The evangelical Christian billionaires run the Oklahoma City-based Hobby Lobby chain of craft stores and largely funded the $500 million museum.

At least five of 16 Dead Sea Scroll fragments that had been displayed at the museum were found to be apparent fakes.


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