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Clash of Champions: Five things we learned at September’s WWE pay-per-view

Clash of Champions: Five things we learned at September’s WWE pay-per-view

Just two of the 10 titles on the line at Clash of Champions changed hands but there was a shock surprise and the event itself finished on an enormous twist with major consequences for the future.

Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode and The Revival are the only competitors to go into this week’s round of television as newly-minted champions, as fresh storylines are kicked off elsewhere and new layers of depth are added to currently active ones.

We’ve picked out five of the most important developments to emerge from a night of high sports entertainment drama in North Carolina…

WWE has a new ‘final boss’

Two words sum up the goosebump-inducing ending to Clash of Champions: Yowie wowie.

Nobody expected The Fiend to strike Seth Rollins during his victory lap after a successful Universal title defence but he did, and now a match between the pair for the biggest singles championship in the company looks a certainty.

WWE would be crazy to do anything other than have the Fiend win the belt – he is the hottest act in the business today and his momentum must be protected at all costs.

As someone who should only compete in the ring very sparingly, Bray Wyatt’s latest creation is the new Brock Lesnar, the new man to beat and the new feature attraction in the company.

Time off is the new superpower

Sasha Banks returned to a big reaction on Raw a few weeks ago and the same fervour greeted the return of Luke Harper at Clash of Champions.

WWE has been seeking a method for creating new stars for some time and it appears the answer is perhaps a simple one – let them have some time off and reintroduce them in an impactful way.

There is probably more to it than that, of course, but the benefits of breaks from the sports entertainment spotlight are now more than just physical, and time off should – and hopefully – will now increasingly be encouraged.

The Strowman conundrum continues

Braun Strowman went into Clash of Champions as a Raw tag-team title-holder and the number one contender to Seth Rollins’ Universal champion.

Today he will have woken up as neither and with no immediate targets in the line of vision of a man consistently booked like a monster but always one which falls short at the final hurdle.

What happens with him now is anyone’s guess, but Harper and Rowan have reunited on SmackDown, and Bray Wyatt might want to rebuilt an army of supporters who have previously ‘let him in’ to their lives…

Bayley’s character development deepens

The SmackDown women’s title match between Bayley and Charlotte Flair was probably the most intriguing bout on the card.

Lasting less than four minutes, it saw Flair completely dominate before Bayley slammed her head into an exposed turnbuckle for a three-count and a sprinted exit from the ring, championship belt in hand.

These were the actions of a pure heel so it will be interesting to see how her ‘I’m just being a good role model’ character explains them on television this week.

Will a Beast dethrone Kingston?

Kofi Kingston’s run as WWE champions has been seen as underwhelming by some fans but you can’t really argue with the record – he’s seen off Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler and now Randy Orton since winning the strap at WrestleMania.

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