September 22, 2019, 7:10

US Woman Sets Pennywise Clown Ablaze After Doll Lands in Backyard (Photo)

US Woman Sets Pennywise Clown Ablaze After Doll Lands in Backyard (Photo)

US Woman Sets Pennywise Clown Ablaze After Doll Lands in Backyard (Photo)
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A New Jersey woman was just sitting in her backyard in Bergen County Saturday when Pennywise the clown – yes, the absolutely terrifying character from American supernatural horror film “It,” based on the 1986 novel of the same name by Stephen King – just appeared out of nowhere.

“It didn’t fall,” Renee Jensen wrote in the private “We Live In Bergen County” local community Facebook group. “It like flew out of the sky without hitting any of the bazillion trees on our property.”

To make things even worse, the murderous clown doll had symbols scrawled on its forehead. 

“It looked like weirdo occult satanic s**t,” Jensen told NJ Advance Media. 

Creepy much? We think yes. Ominous? Perhaps.

The sequel to the 2017 “It” movie will be out in theaters starting September 6. In one scene in the film’s trailer, Pennywise floats through the air while holding red balloons.

“It came at an angle, and I just watched this thing; it didn’t hit a single tree and went straight over, just cleared the gate and hit the pine branches and hit the ground,” Jensen, 42, told NJ Advance Media.

“If you saw how many trees we have and where this thing came from, it made no sense at all,” she added. “It didn’t even hit any of our trees until it was just about to land at our gate.”

After Jensen posted about the incident on Facebook, alarmed residents urged her to contact the authorities. When two police officers showed up at her home, she said they assured her that contacting the police department was a wise thing to do, but they wanted no part of the clown.

“They were hysterical,” Jensen says. “They wouldn’t touch it. They were totally creeped out, too. It was so funny.”

But, the cops didn’t take the clown to the station as evidence. Instead, they advised Jensen to get rid of it. And so, Jensen did what anyone would have done – she set Pennywise on fire. 

YouTube Screenshot/InformOverloadRenee Jensen burns Pennywise clown doll

“It’s funny, but it was creepy,” Jensen, who owns a reiki and intuitive healing business in Ridgewood, New Jersey, said.

“I kind of live in the woo … am I getting cursed or something?” she asked, referring to the adjective “woo-woo,” used to describe unconventional beliefs relating to spirituality and mysticism.

“I had a stick of sage, and I lit that thing. I was walking around our whole entire property,” she added, also noting that she slept with a knife that night. 


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